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Whether you just bought a home that doesn't have a back lawn yet or are in an older home that just needs a lawn renovation, you've come to the right place. Aldape Sprinkler Service, Landscape & More offers high quality sod installation at a very affordable price. If your home needs a beautiful and healthy new lawn, we can help! Over the years, we have done hundreds of new sod lawn installation jobs. Our experienced sod installers will get you that new lawn you need in just a day or two! Here at Aldape Sprinkler Service, we strive to do everything with the utmost of care and professionalism. When we install a new sod lawn we take careful care to do everything necessary to insure you'll have a healthy lawn for years to come.

If you have an existing irrigation system, we'll find out where the pipes are and work around them. If you don't already have a sprinkler system, now might be the time to consider adding one. A good irrigation system is an essential part of a successful lawn and will help insure your new lawn will last much longer than one without a sprinkler system. If you already have an old lawn that you want replaced, we can come in first and kill off that old lawn and remove it before starting the process above.

We guarantee that the quality of the sod that we install is healthy and guarantee we will install it properly. 

(208) 841-8901
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