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(208) 841-8901

We understand that starting up the sprinkler system can sometimes be confusing. Irrigation systems are somewhat complex and can be intimidating.  A mistake when starting up your sprinkler system can burst fittings and cause sprinklers to literally blow right of the ground.  Worse still, even if your system doesn't blow like Old Faithful, you may be risking system failure later on when your away on vacation. We service 1000’s of Sprinkler Systems each year. If you live in the Boise or Meridian area please do not hesitate to call or email us at Aldape Sprinkler Service to start up your Sprinkler System.  We offer competitive rates and professional service. 

                               (208) 841-8901
                                  Call or click here to Inquire About Spring Sprinkler Startups

Our sprinkler start-ups are $55 for the first 45 minutes. Here is what the Service includes:

Up to 45 Minutes of Work. During this time our Technician will:
-Turn on water to irrigation system
-Check sprinklers for proper coverage
-Adjust sprinklers as necessary to the extent possible given the capabilities/limitations of the system.
-Set Timer Box for spring, if access to Timer is available
-Check Sprinkler System for problems and repair if authorized by home owner. (Note: If repair is major, our Technician will get your repair scheduled for the next available sprinkler repair day).

To qualify for the reduced Start-Up Service Rate, access to the Sprinkler System must be accessible any time during scheduled start-up day.

In order to check for electrical issues timer access must be provided.  If timer access is not available Technician will go through system manually using station valves as this will allow for heads to be checked and adjusted. (It is the responsibility of the Home Owner to provide access to the timer).
Systems that require more than 45 minutes to check out will be billed for time and labor beyond the 45 minutes. Note: in instances where it is determined that major repairs are required, it may necessary to reschedule the additional repairs. In those instances, customer will still be charged for work performed at the Start-Up.

Start-Up Service does not include parts or repairs.

(Rates good from March 19 - May 31) Start-up's scheduled after May 31 will be billed at our standard service call rate.

Please call to schedule this service, or go to our Contact Us Page and fill out the form.  We will contact you within 1 business day to schedule your Sprinkler Start-Up or answer any questions that you might have.  If you are on Irrigation, it is your responsibility to be sure you have water prior to your start-up date.

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